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  • These pricing details below are meant to provide average setup and management costs. Pricing varies based on your website size, keyword competition, and goals.
  • Pricing below reflects an initial 12-month agreement. Month-to-month management is available at an increased rate.
  • Paid media channels include: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Bing Ads.
  • Agency services include: SEO, SEM, Social Media Ads, Content Marketing, Web Analyst, and Web Design.
  • We recommend a paid media budget no less than $7,500/month.


Setup: $2,500

+$1,000/additional channel

  • Keyword/audience research
  • Plan account campaign and ad group structure
  • Write ad copy and ad extensions
  • Install tracking pixels
  • Setup and test conversion reporting
  • Upload retargeting ad creative
  • Build reporting dashboard
  • Design 1 set of banner ad creative (optional)

Monthly Management: $3,000

or 12% of ad spend whichever is higher.

+$1,500/additional channel

  • Ongoing ad account optimization
  • Bid and budget management
  • Keyword and audience expansion/pruning
  • Writing and testing ad copy
  • Landing page testing and CRO recommendations
  • Ad targeting setup and maintenance
  • A/B testing of ads, landing pages, and offers
  • Bi-weekly calls and reporting

Monthly Creative Services: $1,000

Funnel Landing Page Design

  • Analyze page performance and UX data
  • Strategize conversion rate optimization changes
  • Deploy design tests, expansions, and improvement ongoing
  • Design and develop 1 new landing page variation monthly

Ad Design

  • Review and analyze ad creative performance data
  • Design, revise, and upload ad graphics for all managed ad channels
  • A/B test ad creative and report
  • Write new ad copy and refresh ad copy for all managed ad channels


Comprehensive Audit & Setup

From $3,000

  • SEO analytics review
  • Grade SEO program for top opportunities
  • Conversion tracking and report dashboard
  • SEO workbook and 90-day road map
  • Build target keyword list
  • Presentation of findings

Monthly Strategy & Optimization

From $6,000

  • Ongoing SEO and content strategy
  • Create SEO content briefs
  • Manage on-site technical SEO
  • Optimize existing content for SEO
  • Identify content gaps and keywords
  • Bi-weekly meetings

New Content Creation

From $1,600

  • Research, write, and edit weekly original articles
  • Build tables, charts, and post elements
  • Source royalty-free stock images (optional)
  • Monitor performance and revision content for non-performing posts
  • Implement all SEO back practices
  • Create internal linking

Link Building Outreach

FROM $1,750

  • Fully managed link-building
  • Plan link-worthy content
  • Create warm and cold target link lists
  • Draft email message sequences
  • Negotiate and confirm backlinks


Simple Setup


  • 1 Google Analytics Account
  • 1 Google Tag Manager Account
  • Up to 3 Views
  • Up to 3 Custom Properties
  • Up to 3 Filters
  • Up to 5 Goals/Events

Standard Setup


  • 1 Google Analytics Account
  • 1 Google Tag Manager Account
  • Up to 10 Views
  • Up to 10 Custom Properties
  • Up to 5 Filters
  • Up to 10 Goals/Events
  • Ecommerce Tracking of Order & Revenue Data

Advanced Setup


  • Up to 2 Google Analytics Accounts
  • Up to 2 Google Tag Manager Account
  • Up to 20 Views
  • Up to 20 Custom Properties
  • Up to 10 Filters
  • Up to 20 Goals/Events
  • Ecommerce Tracking of Order & Revenue Data